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     Discover our Arabian Oud “Tawasul” loyalty program


The Arabian Oud “Tawasul” loyalty program offers a whole host of benefits all year round. And to welcome you to the program, you’ll receive a nice surprise in your inbox.

Rewards for purchases

As a reward for your loyalty, for every purchase you make in the online store, you will earn points which build up and entitle you to certain benefits.


1 USD spent = 1 point

500 points*

A 20-USD voucher

1000 points*

A 50-USD voucher

* Your loyalty points can be used in the online store www.arabianoud-usa.com for 12 months after your purchase. You can see how many points you have earned in the online store on our website by going to ‘My Account’ and then ‘Loyalty Card’.


Take it to the next level:   SILVER  |  GOLD  |  PLATINUM  |  EXCLUSIVE


Build up your Arabian Oud points balance and, step by step, move from Silver level to Gold, then to Platinum and Exclusive for a more intense and personalized Arabian Oud experience. Get new benefits every time and enjoy exclusive extras.

You’ll become a Gold member when you have collected 1000 points within 12 months, Platinum with 3000 points and Exclusive with 4000 points.

The balance is recalculated on January 1 of each year, taking into account all your purchases from the previous year.

How do I join the Arabian Oud “Tawasul” loyalty program?

It’s simple! Go to the ‘My Account’ section of the website and follow the instructions. The Arabian Oud “Tawasul” loyalty program is valid for the USA and the countries served by the website www.arabianoud-usa.com

The loyalty card is available free of charge in store, without a minimum purchase, and can be renewed. You can get one either in store or via our website www.arabianoud-usa.com.

The loyalty card is available online only via our website: www.arabianoud-usa.com.


Operating terms and conditions

Membership of the Arabian Oud loyalty program is only available to customers over the age of 16. The loyalty card is activated when you check out in store or make a payment on the www.arabianoud-usa.com website.


The points collected on the card can be used during the period from January 1 to December 31 of the same year. If the points are not used within this period, they cannot be carried forward.

  • This card can only be used online in the USA.

Arabian Oud reserves the right to change the program at any time as well as the program membership conditions and general terms and conditions.

Points that have not been added to the card of a customer who failed to present it at the time of purchase, or failed to supply their contact details to enable their identification in the database, cannot be added later.


Consequently, if a member does not make any purchase with his or her loyalty card over a 12-month period, all of the accumulated points will be lost.


Members must bear in mind the program’s operating terms and conditions, and agree to abide by the general conditions of use.


Consequently, Arabian Oud reserves the right to suspend and/or deactivate a loyalty program card (temporarily or permanently), and where applicable, cancel the associated advantages/points, in the event of a violation or failure to comply with these conditions.

Arabian Oud will suspend and/or deactivate the card, as it considers fit, and after having notified the member by whatever means it deems the most appropriate, without any entitlement to claim compensation on the member’s part.

In the event of a malfunction in the loyalty program, Arabian Oud will take the necessary steps to resolve the problem. However, Arabian Oud will be exonerated from any liability for any consequences related to this/these malfunction(s).

Arabian Oud ensures secure access and data processing in respect of individuals who have joined the loyalty program.


Arabian Oud collects personal data about members when they join the loyalty program  (in person by a sales advisor or on the website www.arabianoud-usa.com).


Arabian Oud reserves the right to ask for any document, at any time, to prove the identity of the individual wishing to join or having joined the loyalty program, especially in the event that two members have the same name.

Members are free to withdraw from the loyalty program at any time by requesting this in writing.

If you wish to makes changes to your personal data, this is what you need to do:

– If you already have an account on our website www.arabianoud-usa.com, please go to the ‘My Account’ section. All you then need to do is change your personal details in the ‘My Information’ section. Please make sure that you keep your email address and/or cell phone number up to date so that you receive all our offers.

– If you do not have an account on the website arabianoud.fr, then simply set one up. All you then need to do is change your personal details.

– You can also make changes to your personal details in store or by contacting Arabian Oud Customer Services at 212.757.0303

[email protected].

For more information about the use and security of your personal data, please go to the ‘Security and Confidentiality’ section.