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Arabian Knight

$ 150.00

Weight 2.8 lbs

For Him


100 ml


Eau de Parfum

This contemporary masculine fragrance is a nod to the past with its classic citrus top notes and deeply chypre composition. Subtle touches of fragrant rose, spicy cinnamon, and sandalwood only serve to enrich this creation; adding just a hint of mystery and sensuality to the dashing scent of Arabian Knight.

Eau de parfum 100ml / 3.4oz spray.

Top notes: Citronella, Jasmine
Hearth notes: Cinnamon, Rose
Base notes: Cedarwood, Vanilla, Amber

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5 reviews for Arabian Knight

  1. Frederic (verified owner)

    Gorgeous, classy, high quality, original scent. There is really nothing like it out there.
    One of my go to scents!
    Great in all circumstances!

  2. warren feagins (verified owner)

    It’s a magnificent fragrance. It’s a projection beast and the longevity is well over 12 hours. It just has this warm, cozy welcoming scent that women who have smelled it on me love. I bought it on sale at an unbelievable price, but even at the full price, it is a steal for what you are getting. I will try the Silver version and Resala soon.

  3. jamesl.cooper7 (verified owner)

    Blind bought it. It is my first cologne from Arabian oud. I like it a lot. I want to wear it every day.

  4. sololablock (verified owner)

    Blind bought this and couldn’t be happier! This is a very easy oud to wear. It is a grown and sexy scent you can wear every day. The fragrance trail you leave behind is borderline enticing. Every time I wear it the compliments pour in. For under $200 this is a steal. If a slightly dark and fruity/spicy oud is within your wheelhouse this is for you!

  5. zlatinkang (verified owner)

    This perfume is very nice and affordable. At first, when you smell it, it smells a little too alcoholic (nothing like Kalemat in which you smell no alcohol at all at first sniff). However, after it stays on your clothes/skin for some time, it smells really nice and Oriental – oud-like smell. It comes in a small black box. It is mostly for men, but I like wearing it too because of the Oriental scent. A great addition to my Arabian Oud collection.

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